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Common RAID Failure Causes

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Formatting a boot drive or partition can also damage or remove striping, which reduces the recoverability of data and causes permanent loss.

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A Business Continuity Plan can make or break even the largest of companies in today's highly competitive business environments.

Contact our company and let us assist you in developing your BCP and SLA so when disaster strikes, your business won't be a casualty.

RAID Recovery Service


Repair RAID

We have worked with large and small businesses, government agencies, law enforcement and universities to restore RAID data across the nation. If you have already tried to rebuild your RAID, but still can't access your data, you should stop now.

Our RAID recovery specialists repair and restore RAID servers when one or more hard drives have failed, are experiencing a hard drive clicking noise, goes offline, or their status shows the RAID as in degraded mode. Failed RAID

Of the various types of RAID failures, these are the three most common 'do-it-yourself' failures which most companies experience when attempting to restore a corrupted RAID array:

  • Forcing a rebuild.
    This will only increase the odds that your data loss is permanent. These types of RAID failures require specialized training, software and equipment.
  • Swapping the order of the hard drives.
    This will only increase the risk that the parity and striping is overwritten which then makes it almost impossible to recover the data.
  • Off the shelf recovery software.
    Even if you are using RAID utilities or recovery software, unless you are experienced with the nauances of a performing a RAID server data recovery and have sucessfully restored data or rebuilt arrays, these RAID repair software packages can potentially cause more damage.

To reduce the chances that your data is completely lost, you will need professional RAID recovery services. A RAID data recovery specialist should have thorough knowledge of RAID configurations, drive structures, MFT mount points, HEX, and offsets to avoid destroying data while attempting a recovery.

Permanent data loss often occurs when multiple hard drives in a RAID are swapped, moved from one position to another, or placed in other RAID servers in an attempt to rebuild or repair the original RAID array.

The safest thing you could do at this point is contact a RAID recovery specialist to have an image of the hard drive made, evaluate the damage and begin the process to recover data from the hard drive.

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